October begins in much the same way that September ended with a total of 6 planets in retrograde motion! Typically, 2 planets are retrograde at any given time. That means that most of us are born with two retrograde planets in our natal charts. And this provides us with a way to cope with the changing planetary energy when it occurs. But having six retrograde planets is so unusual that most of us are going to feel out of sorts.

The New Moon on October 6th isn’t going to help sort us out either. Transiting Mars will tightly conjunct the New Moon. In addition, transiting Uranus will be in an exact and uncomfortable 150-degree inconjunct aspect the New Moon and Mars. I don’t mention the inconjunct aspect too often because it isn’t all that common of an aspect, although it definitely occurs more frequently than 6 retrograde planets at one time may occur. The inconjunct aspect indicates that adjustments must be made between the plants involved. 

In this case, Mars may create situations that requite us to adjust our emotional response (the Moon) to an outer event (or events) that feels like it is coming out of left field (Uranus). Between the Mars and Uranus aspects to the New Moon, emotions can be stirred up (Uranus) with lots of latent emotions (Moon) and, potentially, some anger (Mars). We may either feel these emotions ourselves or they will be directed at us in some way. Neither scenario seems like fun.

The Full Moon in Aries on October 20 isn’t looking much better because it is in a tense 90-degre square aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and a square aspect to Mars. If something newsworthy occurs domestically, locally, or nationally, it is likely to elicit a passionate and polarized response. Fortunately, there will be a softening effect coming from Jupiter, which will be in a gentle 60-degree sextile aspect to the New Moon and a pleasant 120-degree trine aspect with Mars. However, Jupiter does tend to amplify anything it contacts. So a big response is still likely.

Another way I see October’s New and Full Moons potentially playing out is in supply chain issues, shortages, and delays. Even though three planets go direct by October 19 (Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter) the stars just aren’t playing nicely together. So it may feel like the planets are all still in retrograde a while longer.

The planets cause all kinds of mischief in October and that continues into November, with Mars making challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus. I recommend starting your Christmas lists as soon as Mercury goes direct on October 19 and starting your shopping in the last week of October or first week of November. This holiday is likely to be a balancing act and maintaining your peace of mind needs to be at the top of the list.