As November begins, the Mars-Pluto 90-degree square aspect is waning. This aspect had a big influence on our psyches in October and increased everyone’s sense of being inundated. However, the reprieve will be short lived. If there is something you really need to get done or a big decision to be made, try to take care of it in the first week in November.

The New Moon on November 4th may feel a bit hectic because the Sun and Moon will be in a 180-degree opposition to Uranus. This is an aspect that asks us to go with the flow. In analyzing natal charts, I have observed that folks born with challenging Uranus aspects to the Sun or Moon can have a great sense of humor. Cultivating a good sense of humor is a skill we can all use to our advantage this month.

By November 8th, Mercury will be conjunct Mars, which can induce feelings of restlessness and distraction. When Saturn forms a 90-degree square aspect to Mercury and Mars that week, everyone’s mental energy will feel more grounded. Just remember that Saturn and Uranus are still in a loose 90- degree square aspect themselves and by mid-month Uranus will oppose Mercury and Mars, and form a T-square with all three planets. T-square aspects are full of tension, as well as potential. Many of us will be confronting the obstacles (Saturn and Uranus) to getting our needs met (Mars) in a constructive and healthy way (Mercury).

The Full Moon is on November 19 at 27 degrees of Taurus and will oppose Mercury, but miss a conjunct aspect with Uranus. This is a good thing since Mars and Uranus are still stirring things up in the expect-the-unexpected department. Your intuition may be elevated (Moon + Mercury), but your nerves may also be taxed (Mars + Uranus). At this point, we are getting close to the Thanksgiving holiday and I urge you to gather your groceries and fixings as early as possible. If you are done with all that by November 19, then all the better.

The month ends with Venus moving into conjunction with Pluto. It won’t be exact until early December. Nevertheless, this aspect asks us to keep an eye on all those sweets that get consumed over the holidays. This is the time of year when everyone tends to relax their diet and exercise. Please don’t do that. Appropriate carbohydrate intake has a direct correlation to our immune response and our peace of mind. We need both of these to be fully functioning as we approach the shortest day of the year.