Venus and Mars, our inner Yin and Yang, will be traveling side by side (in a conjunction) throughout March. This usually makes for some very pleasant energy. However, these two companions will encounter challenging aspects from some outer planet ”biggies” all month. This could be disruptive to our sense of tranquility.

March begins with the conjunction between Venus, Mars, and Pluto. When three or more planets are within orbit of 10 degrees of each other this special conjunction is a called a stellium. This particular stellium will last for the first two weeks of March. And on March 3, all three planets are joined within seconds at 27 degrees. This is a great day to focus on constructively harnessing and applying your desire nature.  

In the middle of the month, Venus and Mars will form a 90-degree square aspect with Uranus, the planet of surprises. If you are the gambling type, you might want to test your luck, especially on March 20 to 21 when Venus and Uranus meet at 12 degrees. The only predictable thing about a Uranus aspect is that the outcome is never assured, so expect the unexpected.

March ends with a range of emotions in play. When Venus and Mars form a conjunction with responsible Saturn, a restrained note will dominate. If you felt like your emotions were stirred up earlier in March, then they will probably settle down under Saturn’s influence.

However, if you are the sensitive or artistic type, you may experience an expansion of emotions when Jupiter and Neptune start forming a tight conjunction in the last 10 days of March. Jupiter and Neptune represent spirituality. artistic pursuits, fantasy, speculation, inflation, crude oil, and water. You might be feeling quite inspired now and this is a great time to put together a creative project and/or focus on your spiritual life. We might experience a wetter than average Spring weather. Or you may experience a leaky roof or burst pipe. Expect inflation and high oil prices to continue. Regardless, embrace whatever positive things are happening in your life with gusto and patiently wait out anything negative. Things will start to change when Jupiter geos into Aries in the second week of May.

Focus on Pisces

Pisces (approximately February 19 to March 20) is considered the last sign of the zodiac and the natural ruler of the twelfth house.  Two fish swimming in opposite directions is its associated image, which is very similar to the symbol for yin and yang.

It is ruled by Neptune. Before Neptune’s discovery in 1846, Pisces was traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is still considered its sub-ruler.

Pisces is a mutable, water sign, characterized by adaptability, sensitivity, and intuition, as well as artistic inclinations. Pisces natives typically love being near water. They may have trouble with their feet or have a great love of shoes, as Pisces rules the feet.


A Few Famous Pisces People


Amy Tan                                         February 19

Olivia Rodrigo                                February 20

Drew Barrymore                            February 22

Emily Blunt                                    February 23

Steve Jobs                                    February 24

George Harrison                           February 25

Josh Groban                                 February 27

Linus Pauling                                February 28

Lupita Nyong’O                             March 1

Daniel Craig                                  March 2

Gabriel Garcia Marquez                March 6

Amanda Gorman                           March 7

Suga  (BTS)                                   March 9

Albert Einstein                               March 14

Ruth Bader Ginsburg                    March 15

Spike Lee                                      March 20