On May 25, Mars changed signs and joined Jupiter in Aries. This conjunction creates a huge sense of acceleration to the energy around us. And it can cause some inner tension due to deadline and other pressures. As soon as Mercury goes direct on June 4, we can really push forward into action again and charge full steam ahead.

If you stay focused on your goals, it is likely that you will be able to accomplish quite a lot before the end of the month. Mars and Jupiter will travel closely together until June 15, so June 4 to June 15 will be a particularly energetic time of the year to start new projects or promote a pet project. 

Venus and Uranus will also meet in the second week of June, adding some magic and excitement to your plans or project. If you are scheduling the launch of something new, you will get a little extra push to do this and your project or efforts will be met with considerable success.

After June 19, Saturn will be in a 90-degree square aspect to both Venus and Uranus and this might create some hesitation or the need to address some hiccups. Remember that with Saturn aspects you are building a new foundation and you want to make sure that foundation is sturdy.   

June ends with Mars in Aries in a 90-degree square aspect to Pluto. The few days around June 29 to July 6 or so could be energetically intense and highly productive. And with only three outer planets retrograde in July, you won’t have to work around a bottleneck of backed up planetary energy. Pace yourself and remember to remain mindful and focused on your intentions and goals.

Mars will move quickly through Aries. If you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) or have your ascendant in a fire sign, you can really make tracks. If your Moon is in a fire sign, you may either feel full of ideas or overwhelmed and restless. The best solution for you might be to chill out somewhere in nature so you don’t short circuit your nervous system from all the excitement.